Photo by Kate Macate on Unsplash

A Letter To My Old College Buddy


You want to talk about friendship, yet you don’t even tell me about the death of your parents?

I guess I should’ve known where you stand when you told me years ago that we should bomb Baghdad off the face of the map.

I guess I should’ve known when you said that you don’t believe in marriage equality because it was against your bible.

It made me sad that you never even asked about my sons or husband.

The only thing I regret is that you continue to condone the racism and corruption of the traitor in the White House (amongst all of the other crimes he’s committed).

Patty, it’s not about politics, by the way. It’s about morals, values, and ethics.

This was written soon after the families were separated at the border and the children put in cages. Before I wrote this, I phoned her to ask her if the election was held today, if she’d vote for him. That’s when she replied that she only wanted to talk about friendship.



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